Springing into Summer with Ontario’s Indigenous Institutes

The past few months have been ripe with opportunities for Ontario’s Indigenous learners. Many investments in Indigenous education through our partner, Indspire, have paved the way for future generations to access their full potential. Throughout June, Indigenous history was honoured as Six Nations Polytechnic’s knowledge centre Deyohahá:ge contributed to a new Heritage Minute about Tom Longboat.

Keep reading to see what’s happening at our Indigenous Institutes.

ACESS offers Akwesasne youth intro to trades programs

The Akwesasne Career and Employment Support Services (ACESS) recently wrapped up an Introduction to ATV Maintenance Program at Iohahi:io. ACESS offered this in a series of programs to introduce Akwesasne youth to a possible career in trades. This session featured professional technician Jay Francis teaching eight students aged 14- to 18-year-old on what’s involved in being a mechanic.

Read more about the program: https://www.indiantime.net/story/2022/06/02/news/acess-offers-akwesasne-youth-intro-to-trades-programs/39865.html 

iA Financial Group Donates One Million Dollars in Bursaries for Indigenous Students

“Indspire is proud to be working in partnership with iA Financial Group on this very important program, not only does it represent a significant new opportunity for Indigenous learners across the country, it is also a tangible sign of reconciliation in action.” – Mike DeGagné, President and CEO of Indspire.

Read more: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/ia-financial-group-donates-one-million-dollars-in-bursaries-for-indigenous-students-869870684.html

Heritage Minute features Tom Longboat

Tom Longboat’s story is one of dedication and triumph. From residential school systems and identity theft to a war hero and Olympian; he’s an inspiration for all of Turtle Island.

On this production, Historica Canada consulted with the senior co-ordinator of Deyohahá:ge – Indigenous Knowledge Centre at Six Nations Polytechnic, among other professors, researchers, scholars, authors and historians.

Read more: https://tworowtimes.com/news/local/heritage-minute-features-tom-longboat/

Six Nations students combine dance and education

Students from the STEAM program (a combined high school/college diploma program) at Six Nations Polytechnic combined dance and learning during an intensive two-week training program that included six hours of daily choreography training through the innovative Outside Looking In program.

Read more: https://tworowtimes.com/news/local/six-nations-students-combine-dance-and-education/

Mars Canada and Inspire Announce New Partnership to Drive Educational Opportunities for Indigenous Students

Through a three-year partnership, Mars Canada will directly support Indspire’s annual Soaring and Building Brighter Futures programs, advancing career development opportunities and offering needs-based bursaries to Indigenous students to further their education.

Read more: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/mars-canada-and-indspire-announce-new-partnership-to-drive-educational-opportunities-for-indigenous-students-862407612.html