Setting the Foundation for Indigenous Learners and Healthcare

This spring, the IIC’s members and partners have received several significant investments and scholarships which will empower Indigenous learners. These ongoing investments from the government into culturally-responsive education and healthcare will create a better future for Indigenous communities across Ontario. Read on to learn more about these crucial investments.

Oshki-Wenjack launches the Goyce Kakegamic student bursary

“Goyce Kakegamic was a champion of our Institute, and we miss his words of encouragement and gentle wealth of advice he instilled over the years. The bursary will help support our students and the potential he truly believed in as they work toward a brighter future for themselves and their families.” – Jonathan Kakegamic , eldest son of Goyce and educator

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Six Nations Polytechnic gets funding to train nurses, PSWs

“Indigenous institutes have unique capacities to provide pathways to health-care education that link our learners to community health care employers. This funding is critically important as we collectively work to recover from a global pandemic while continuing to create positive paths forward from our collective experience of inter-generational trauma and loss of language and culture.” – Rebecca Jamieson, president and CEO of Six Nations Polytechnic and chair of the IIC

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Fedeli hands out major funding to Anishinabek Educational Institute

“This investment will help Anishinabek Educational Institute expand existing programs or create new ones to support the training of approximately 101 practical nurses and 30 PSWs over four years. This will include additional lab and classroom space, and course materials like hospital beds, simulation manikins and patient lifts to support the larger cohort of students.”

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Ontario training more health care workers at Indigenous Institutes – Government providing culturally responsive education for learners close to home

“Six Indigenous Institutes will receive funding to increase enrolment in their nursing and PSW programs: Anishinabek Educational Institute, First Nations Technical Institute, Kenjgewin Teg, Oshki-Pimache-O-Win: The Wenjack Education Institute, Seven Generations Education Institute and Six Nations Polytechnic. Since 2018, enrolment at Indigenous Institutes has increased by 43 per cent.”

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$4.5M Investment will support training of more PSWs and practical nurses

“You receive more individual feedback at Kenjgewin Teg, so you know which areas you excel at and which areas you need to enhance. As a result of the support offered by Kenjgewin Teg, I am very confident about my education”. – Practical Nursing student at Kenjgewin Teg

Green Shield Canada and Indspire announce partnership

“Contributions like this one have an impact that goes far beyond the individual receiving the scholarship, as Indigenous learners reinvest the benefits of their education back into their communities. We see this trend regularly, and it is particularly pronounced and especially impactful in the context of health care initiatives like this one supported by GSC.” – Mike DeGagné, president and CEO of Indspire

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Hyundai Canada donates $50,000 to Indspire, funding post-secondary bursary to drive Indigenous youth forward

“The Hyundai Canada Bursary represents a bright new opportunity for Indigenous learners to pursue their dreams of a career in the automotive or business administration fields. We are very pleased to be working with Hyundai Canada on this important initiative – and, with the creation of this Bursary, to be laying good groundwork for further collaborations which will empower Indigenous learners.” –  Mike DeGagné, president & CEO of Indspire

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Deloitte commits over half a million dollars to Indigenous educational charity

“We’re happy to work with Deloitte as they continue to take a leadership role in corporate Canada towards reconciliation, their support will have a significant impact for Indigenous students and communities by allowing us to build educational capacity, help strengthen Indigenous youth identity, and in the long term, increase economic sustainability and prosperity.” – Dr. Mike DeGagné, president and CEO of Indspire

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