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I CHOSE Seven Generations Education Institute

With campuses in Kenora and Fort Frances, Seven Generations Education Institute is committed to language revitalisation in Northern Ontario and delivering programs that will help students achieve their learning and career goals.



Hairstyling student

Before coming here, I was working in finance and accounting but I took a couple of years away and decided it was time go back to school and try something different. I needed to follow my dreams, follow what was in my heart. So, me and my son decided to take the plunge and come out here for this course.

I also applied for the Seven Generations Education Institute Bursary for Lifelong Learning and had to take a hard a look at why I wanted to come back to school. I dug pretty deep, and spoke from my heart. I’m not the same age as everybody else in my course, I’m a little older, but I want to keep going. There’s always something to learn with your tradition. There’s always something to learn with hairstyling. It’s creative. It’s forever changing, and forever evolving. If there’s anything I can do to boost somebody’s confidence, I’m in. It can be as simple as a haircut or a fresh style. That’s why I chose this path.



Indigenous mental health and addictions student

When I started here in, I didn’t have the confidence in myself. I hadn’t seen myself attending a program here. I always knew education was important but dealing with the issues that I was dealing with took my focus away from my education.

I was a stay-at-home mom. I have two boys. I waited for my son to get into daycare, and when finally he got in, I knew it was my chance to finish my schooling. I found Seven Generations and enrolled in the adult education program, and just being in class really helped me regain my self-confidence, and my identity.

I chose the Mental Health and Addictions program to continue my education because I have a passion for helping people. I want to take my work back to my community because I see a lot of people suffering out there and I feel like nothing is really being done about it. I want to be a voice for my people.



Elder and translator

I was working for the band council and, sometime in the mid 1980s, Delbert Horton came to us asking if we would help him develop an educational institute for adults. We helped him write the proposal and we gave him some seed money so he could visit the other communities and try to develop Seven Gens. Eventually it took off. Coming from a small little office and growing into an institute where people can learn is a great feeling. Seven Generations is not limited by what it can do.

Today, I am the Anishinaabemowin translator here. It’s important because the language is not being learned by the young people. It hasn’t been passed on for a lot of reasons, one was the residential school and the shame of being shamed. That’s one of the things that I regret, not doing enough with my own children, because they haven’t really picked up the language. Working on books and materials for younger people, especially the little ones, and getting the language back into the homes, is where it needs to start. People need to hear what Anishinaabemowin sounds like. We’re bringing the language back to our people and I have ideas on how we can do things better.

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Fort Frances – Located at Nanicost Complex

1455 Idylwild Dr.
P.O. Box 297
Fort Frances, ON P9A 3M6
Toll Free: 800-668-6279
Phone: 807-274-2796
Fax: 807-274-8761

Kenora – Manidoo Baawaatig Campus

240 Veterans Dr.
P.O. Box 1640
Kenora, ON P9N 3X7
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Thunder Bay Office

409 George St.
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5Y9
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